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hour from right now. then they head back to the team's training facility to empty out those lockers after a phenomenal season. they played great. >> yeah, they did. the game itself was almost upstaged by a bizarre incident just after the second half kickoff. there are new details about what actually caused the power outage during the super bowl. >> it actually looked better in the dark there for a minute than they played in the first half. they said it was an abnormality in the system, then opened a breaker which cut off all the power. the backup generators kicked in to keep the stadium from going completely dark. it took a while to get the power back on. some of the fans said they were extremely concerned about their safety. >> i don't think everything is fine. their escalators are not working. the people surrounding us were totally drunk and disorderly and awful. and i figured if i had to get out from up on the terrace level, i wouldn't be able to get
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out. some of those drunks would run right over and kill me. >> the utility company says the abnormality was due to an equipment failure. stadium officials say there was a power surge. the power was out for 34 minutes. >> just like the team, no doubt, the 49er faithful still suffering from buzz kill hangover this morning after last night's very tough loss to those baltimore ravens. take a close look at the celebrations in baltimore. hundreds of ravens fans had the good side of this one. spilling into the streets and cheering on top of cars to celebrate. on top of buildings sbl. they fired off some fireworks. that's the victory goes the spoils, right? >> here's the spoils. in san francisco, a much more subdued reaction. probably some tears. but police were prepared to handle any mischief. christie smith is live in san francisco with how fans reacted to the loss and how police were able to keep the peace. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla.
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it has been a wild ride for 49ers fans, but in the end they didn't get the win that they wanted. now san francisco police were ready for fans and vandals to pour out into the streets as they've done before with big victories. this window here has been hit in the past, the one across the street spraypainted. but this time i'll have to tell you the crowd did not go wild. buses still sport the go niners sign on mission street one day after the heartbreaking super bowl loss to the ravens. fans reliving what went wrong. >> the third game in the row they've been behind. so the onus -- you can't put the onus on the quarterback all the time to make big plays. >> reporter: todd harris remembers the big crowds in the streets, the destruction vandals left here after the giants won the world series last year. >> i came off the b.a.r.t., most of the businesses were vandalized, a lot of graffiti. a good thing this didn't happen this time. if the niners would have won, i think you would see the same
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thing. >> reporter: lessoned learned. san francisco police had over 100 officers deployed in strategic areas before the game even ended. they arrested 25 people, most for public drunkenness. some threw bottles at officers, another tried to set a tree on fire. >> we were assessing it half hour by half hour to see what people were doing. after assessing at 10:00 some people did go home. >> reporter: a group of officers stayed to make sure fans coming from bars didn't gather up and cause problems, but it mostly stayed calm. >> then after midnight the officers were released to go home. >> reporter: then the guessing game begins for next season. >> they got a good team, young team so -- >> reporter: some streets in the mission district were closed to try and eliminate cruising, but they're all back open now. i'll have to tell you, we were down at the san francisco police department. they're saying that even their officers who were on duty were disappointed last night calling
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it a sad event. but they said there's always next season. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the loss is also a blow for 49ers alumni. we spoke to one of the nfl's hardest hitters, ronnie lott. he shared his thoughts on the game only on nbc bay area. >> like the last two playoff games, you realize they're going to come back. you see that they're coming back. then all of a sudden right there at the end, you look at the play and you go, i can't believe the referee didn't call holding on that play. >> lott was referring to that final pass missed by the 49ers in the end zone. there was a lot of controversy over whether the referee should have called a penalty. look at harbaugh. lott said he was impressed with colin kaepernick's performance saying he played a phenomenal game. >> still hurts to watch that one. right now on, you can see some of the best plays
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of super bowl xlvii. you can get a look at what happened, what happened when the power went off on the field. changing gears, new this morning an investigation continues surrounding a san jose home suspected of growing marijuana illegally. the discovery made after firefighters were called to put out a small blaze. more details on what police know about this situation so far. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. we spoke with san jose police this morning. they tell us they stumbled upon what they consider to be an elaborate marijuana grow house inside this two-story home here on scottsville court. the estimated value roughly half a million dollars. this might have remained a secret from law enforcement if it wasn't for that fire last night. you can see the scorching on the side of the house by the electrical meter. that's very telling as to the cause. police believe faulty wiring used to grow the plants inside the garage started this fire around 11:45 last night.
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the fire department had to remove the garage door in order to make entry into the garage itself. it appears firefighters did make a quick knockdown as the fire never went beyond the first alarm. inside authorities seized 300 to 400 pot plants along with the lighting and watering equipment used to make them grow. based on the total weight of the plants, an officer estimated the street value as being $500,000. the house was empty last night. police are still looking for the homeowner or the person or persons who were renting this place. until they figure out. otherwise they are treating this as an illegal grow. we spoke with a couple of neighbors this morning. no one seem to know much about the people who live here. >> my wife bought this in 1980. so we've been here a long time. and it's a real stable neighborhood, and not much traffic, not much activity along this street. being on a cul-de-sac.
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>> do you know anything about the people who live in that home? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: what's remarkable is that we weren't able to find anyone who was aware of what was going on inside of that house. outside, the damage from last night's fire, this home seems to fit in with a dozen of others on this cul-de-sac including what appears to be an in-home day care that's located right next door in that cream-colored house. we did knock on that person's door for a response, but there was no answer. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. also in san jose a teenager is dead and another in the hospital after they were shot on a san jose street late last night. it happened just after 8:00 on audubon drive in san jose. the teenagers were shot near an elementary school. one was pronounced dead at the scene, the other is in the hospital, as mentioned, but is expected to be okay. officers are investigating whether the shooting was gang
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related. this is the city's fourth homicide of the year. we have a possible arrest to tell you about after a deadly shooting at an oakland community event. that shooting happened downtown during the monthly community gathering called first friday. the bay area news group reports police arrested somebody on saturday, but the suspect's name will not be released until the d.a. files formal charges. one person was killed, three others injured last friday night. mayor gene kwan promising to increase security around this event. fairfield police are still looking for answers and a suspect after a girl's body was found in a park on friday. a memorial was held on friday for the 13-year-old from sasoon city. her naked body was discovered friday by a homeless man. he says there were no sign of trauma, but police say this is a homicide. the girl bass last seen leaving nearby green valley middle school thursday afternoon. classmates have built a makeshift memorial for her in
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alan witt park where her body was found. police are reviewing video from nearby surveillance cameras for clues. all right. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. you and mother nature on a roll. on friday you had al roker hanging out in the city. that was a blast. today more good sunshine. >> we missed that groundhog. groundhog day happened over the weekend. he says, according to the groundhog that pops out once a year, punxsutawney phil says we'll have an early spring. outside right now, that sounds nice. kind of a wintry afternoon, lots of fog. flight delays, about an hour out of sfo, so you want to check ahead. i've been checking visibilities. this looking at san jose shows you the same picture. they're creeping up. not long before the sun breaks through that cloud deck. 50 degrees, not too cold in sunnyvale, 50 degree in oakland and 50 degrees in san francisco. i had to shave a few degrees off of your afternoon highs because
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of that fog. i don't like to do it, but i like to get it right. count on a cooler day. low clouds will be even thicker tomorrow. we'll get shower activity up in the bay and the widespread rainfall returns to the whole bay area later on in the week. a lot to time out in your full forecast. >> it's gloomy because the niners lost. the whole bay area sad. >> black and gray out there. >> your raiders. that was good. take a ride on the silver and black. thanks a lot, christine, we'll check back. still ahead at 11:00, as president obama prepares to wage war over gun control arc new photo of him pops up that has gun lobbyists in arms. from the president's inauguration to the super bowl half time show to the bay area, it seems beyonce knows the way to san jose. we'll explain. a video game ends up having some very spooky predictions about last night's super bowl. we'll take a look ahead in business news.
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president obama making his very first trip out of washington aimed specifically at pushing for more gun law, but it's a picture of the president with a gun in hand that has a lot of people talking this morning. tracy pots is on capitol hill this morning. she has the latest. >> reporter: as president obama pitches his gun control plan in minnesota today, more reaction to this white house photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david. critics say he's pandering to second amendment conservatives while pushing for a ban on assault weapons. that seems to have no chance on capitol hill. but universal background checks, that's gaining support. >> i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: mark kelly argues che checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mentally ill people like jerod loughner. he's charged with shooting gabrielle giffords. >> the case of the rejection at the gun store he could have
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easily gone to a gun show or private seller and got a gun. >> reporter: this super bowl ad accused the nra of making a complete turnaround on universal background checks. this was the nra after columb e columbine. >> we think it's reasonable to ask for background checks at every gun store and gun show. no loopholes for anybody. >> reporter: this was on sunday. >> it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they could care less. >> reporter: the group behind that is mayors against illegal weapons started by michael bloomberg. tracy potts, nbc washington. after 20 year in the senate, john kerry arrived at his new job in the u.s. state department. he arrived to a warm and supportive welcome from state department employees. during brief comments to his new staff, secretary kerry was quick to thank his predecessor secretary clinton and foreign
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service employees. >> from my conversations with hillary, how passionate she was about this undertaking and how much confidence and gratitude she had for the work that every single one of you do. and i just want to join with all of you today in saying to her, job well done, the nation is grateful, the world is grateful, thank you, hillary clinton, and thank you, her team. thank you. >> kerry, who was sworn in as the 68th secretary of state on friday spoke with leaders in the middle east, asia and mexico over the weekend. one of the first issues kerry will have to deal with, new accusations china is hacking american companies. scott mcgrew said those accusation are coming from the highest level. >> yeah, good morning. google chairman eric schmidt is going to take china to task in a new book thats he's written. this according to people who have had an early read of it. schmidt will blame china directly for many recent hacks of american businesses, warning china could be the internet's number one enemy, and that the
11:16 am
u.s. will be at a disadvantage because american companies can't hack back. it's against american law. early reviewers say schmidt is very direct about his feelings about china. you don't expect that out of high tech companies. they usually coddle their relationship with the chinese. turning to wall street, today's not the day we're going to see any records set. the dow opened at just over 14,000, its highest level since 2007. and had it gained a bit, it would have set records for the highest ever, but today looks like minor losses instead. speaking of losses, we have to eat a bit of crow or raven this morning. last week we dismissed predictions by video game programmers at redwood city's electronic arts that the ravens would win the super bowl. well, it turns the out not only were they right about that, but ea actually predicted the ravens would win by three, which they did. that kaepernick would throw the
11:17 am
very first interception in 49ers super bowl history. and he did. now, incredibly when ea ran the simulated game, they said it would be ed reed who made the interception. that's exactly what happened in the real game. madden football is now 8 for 10 in predicting super bowl winners. back to you. >> not bad. >> have to pick up a copy of that before next year's game, go to vegas, bet that stuff. >> christina loren, you're very good at your predictions. >> oh, thank you. gets a little dicey as we get to the later part of the week. vegas odds. 50-50 chance of showers. but hey that's a pretty good chance. i think the north bay will pick up a quarter of an inch of rain. we need it. take a look at san jose. mostly cloudy conditions here. this is kind of the sky for now. next couple of hours we'll see the sun break through the clouds but gray just about everywhere. pockets of clouds down to half a mile of visibility, but these numbers are way up from an hour
11:18 am
ago. they'll creep up in the next few hour. just a few clouds hanging out over fremont, the east shore still a little bit cloudy. then at the immediate coast, half moon bay to ocean bay, yeah, ocean beach, excuse me, watch out for thick low clouds until 2:00 p.m., then you'll see a little bit of sunshine today. enough to bring our numbers up to the low 60s. 61 for fremont today and 63 in redwood city. let's head deeper into the week via your future ka. we'll meet back here this morning around 5:00 a.m. areas of fog and drizzle, you can see that here. a weak disturbance falls apart to our north. still expecting an isolated shower or two in sonoma county. bright sunshine but cold air. it will be pretty chilly as we head through tomorrow and the remainder of the week. then thursday morning, that's when the main event arrives. pretty substantial cold front headed our way.
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i think it's going to break apart and not bring much precipitation back to the south bay. north bay quarter to maybe three-quarters of an inch. we need that rain. we're kind of running a deficit after our very dry january. thursday we get those showers. let's take you into the upcoming weekend. hey, we're done with the 49ers and football for now, but we're getting ready to start back up with baseball, of course. >> oh, yeah. >> we are your giants station. fanfest saturday looking good, back to you. >> that's right. the world champion giants. >> that's right. coming up at 11:00, beyonce makes a major announcement follower her spectacular half time performance. >> maybe something to do with putting a ring op it. and fan favorites.
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virgin america announcing later today beginning may 1st it will start flying from san jose to los angeles. domestic carrier known for low fares and in-flight wifi will be facing some fierce competition from airlines, though, including southwest, american, alaska and united. the move is welcome news to silicon valley business travelers who have long been campaigning to bring more carrier to the airport. the airline plans to add 15 workers in san jose. because the 49ers did not strike super bowl gold, mayor ed lee lost his bet. >> still hurts saying it. >> yes, it does. >> to keep that bargain lee has to visit a local crab market wearing a ravens jersey while cracking open a dungeness crab. as part of the friendly wager, the baltimore mayor will host lee for a day of service with
11:23 am
baltimore programs from americor americorps. >> that's nice, though. >> this morning it's got to be beyonce. ♪ all the single ladies ♪ all the single ladies >> she's hot. she wowed the crowd during the half time show. was even joined on stage by destiny's child. >> had it going on. >> if you like what you saw, you can see it in person just hours after the performance she announced details of her world tour it. starts in europe in april and a stop by hp pavilion in san jose on july 2nd. >> she's calling it the mrs. carter tour. >> because that's jay-z's last name. >> yeah, sean carter. >> i like it. >> very nice. when we return, we the people have spoken. >> we'll let you know which super bowl commercials were chosen by you as most super. >> oh, i get it. super bowl.
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here is a look at the top two super bowl commercials according to ad meter. >> miraculously appearing as a salsa stain is joe montana on a jersey. the ravens fan washes it to spoil all the magic. >> number one, the drum roll please. budweiser's heart tugging tale of the bond between a horse trainer and a clydes dale. the 49ers were supposed to land at 1:30. 2:50 now landing time.
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